Class 7 - 80cms INDIVIDUAL Section 7

711BrodieFrankie Newbert0 in .34001st
722A Leap of FaithMegan Roberts0 in .34002nd
701BrunoAaliyah Bowers-Carter1.4 in .3201.43rd
719PrincessLissy Walker1.4 in .3201.44th
725Lynwood LassPolly Harrison2 in .35025th
724Two Dash'd CaliforniaNichola Feast2 in .35026th
707BruceConnie Smith2 in .35027th
716OliverKatie-Ellen Blackburn4 in .36048th
713ApolloHayley Burnett4 in .36049th
801Bear that in mindSarah McDonald4.2 in .2804.210th
730April MaySophie Vickers10 in .3901011th
702FrankPaul Crosby10 in .3901012th
733Bluey LouieKatie Grundy16 in .4201613th
712Killer QueenFreya Smethers20 in .4402014th
810Marc with a CSarah McDonald0.7 in .332020.715th
717Moss the BossLeona Salmon2 in .35202216th
718Bransby ThunderbobLily Sanderson6 in .37202617th
709Secret n/aEmma Austin14 in .41203418th
703Chill Out AttractionAmy Lock2 in .35404219th
705Earls CourtBeth Cussons8 in .38404820th
731ArtimisZara Mitchell18 in .43759321st
710Big MacFenella Walker-HarrisEEE
714SkyHoney Naish8 in .38EE
715miaKatie Newsam54 in 1.01EE
720Missis Cookie CrumbleLucy Ireland8 in .38EE
723Milestown TrendMollie Ross4 in .36EE
726CassiusRachael Simmons50 in .59EE
727KittyRebecca Casey MartinEEE
704PavAnya Dewey ClarkeNNN
706Annie MacfeeBeth MitchellNNN
721RebelLydia ChristopherNNN
729Ballywillan GunnerShelly ParkerNNN